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  • This past May of 2021 Dr. Talmo performed a full hip replacement on me using the anterior surgical technique. I am almost 72 years old and am normally quite active. My hip was causing changes in my gait and limiting my daily physical routines. Dr. Talmo is an amazing and talented surgeon. I healed v...

    ~ Ellie Doff ~

  • On August 21st, I had a total right knee replacement. Dr. Talmo operated and in three days I was home. It has been nine months and my knee feels
    pain free. I am able to flex my knee and doing well on the stairs. I can go up and down the stairs using both legs. I am so grateful to be able to w...

    ~ Diane Ponte ~

  • I am 49 yrs old and I had both of my knees replaced by Dr. Talmo six months apart and my only regret is I waited so long to do it. Both of my experiences at the NEBH were terrific and hospital staff were wonderful. The at home recovery was totally manageable and not nearly as bad as I feared. I am 6...

    ~ Jessica Jenkins ~

  • Excellent experience Dr. Talmo has replaced both of my knees in a four and a half year time span. Both surgeries were a total success. He is an excellent Surgeon whom I have recommended to many people who have had the same results.
    The Office Staff is courteous and efficient the Hospital i...

    ~ Philip Struzziero ~

  • Dr Talmo is a master of his craft. He replaced both my hips, left one February 2020 and the right one December 2020. I am 46 and have been a personal trainer and strength coach for 25 years. I was born with faulty hips and lived in pain for many years. The only regret was that I waited to long to h...

    ~ Greg Noorjanian ~

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