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  • I'm a marathoner with 16 marathons and many half marathons completed. My right knee was bone on bone in 2018, and my knee was bowing inward. I believed I was slowly losing the ability to walk. Dr. Talmo's ability to listen and to respond resulted in an incredible surgical outcome. I ran Boston th...

    ~ Julie Wright ~

  • Dr Talmo, a master at his craft. He’s a very knowledgeable and delightful doctor to have has your orthopedic surgeon. From my pre to post knee surgery I can attest that I had the best of the best surgeon at New England Baptist hospital. On January 5 I did a total knee replacement and I can say tod...

    ~ St Hope Holness ~

  • I've worked as a non-medical person in three Level One Trauma Ctrs in the US; I 've also had various surgeries. NE Baptist Hospital and Dr. Carl Talmo's office staff are the best organized, most professional, and most efficient medical staff I have experienced. The 3 calls I had to make to the of...

    ~ Jane von Maltzahn ~

  • Best and worst experience ever. The pain in my knees effected my total quality of life. The pain after the surgery was awful!! The rehab was HARD. Would I do it all again? YESSSSSSS! Dr. Talmo is an AMAZING surgeon.
    I had 1 done and 6 months later I had the other one done!!
    HE IS T...

    ~ Tanya Everett ~

  • Dr Talmo has replaced 2 knees and two hips in this body! Within 5 years. I feel so grateful to be pain free and mobile. Thank you, Dr Talmo, for your wonderful work and kind demeanor.

    ~ Susan Taylor ~

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