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  • I can’t say enough about Dr. Talmo and his quality staff at New England Baptist , I’ve had two knee replacements and a hip replacement also , they are spot on !

    ~ Wayne Studley ~

  • Dr. Talmo told me I would be able to drive in 2 weeks if I did the pre surgery exercises and I did.
    Thank You
    Debbie N

    ~ Deborah Niejadlik ~

  • If you need hip replacement surgery Dr Talmo is the only Dr to see. I was in so much pain for the longest time but refused to get help. When I said enough is enough I looked up MDs at the New England Baptist Hospital site. I chose Dr Talmo because of other reviews I had read. I’ve never been so ...

    ~ Daidra Means ~

  • Within the past five months, Dr. Talmo fully replaced both of my hips. His surgical skills are amazing, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. After years of pain, discomfort, and limited mobility I now can resume a completely normal pain free life. Working with New England Baptist hospital,...


  • I'm a marathoner with 16 marathons and many half marathons completed. My right knee was bone on bone in 2018, and my knee was bowing inward. I believed I was slowly losing the ability to walk. Dr. Talmo's ability to listen and to respond resulted in an incredible surgical outcome. I ran Boston th...

    ~ Julie Wright ~

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