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  • It’s been 14 years today, that Dr Talmo did my hip resurfacing! I played pickleball for 6 hrs today, being the fastest person on the courts! I will always be grateful!

    ~ Jeffret Stewart ~

  • I had bilateral knee replacements after discussion with Dr Talmo. Best decision I could have made. The Baptist team is incredibly organized and caring. Dr Talmo was fanatstic, the surgery was over sooner than I expected and the recovery was no problem. No complications or setbacks. I am now enjoyin...

    ~ jerry heatley ~

  • I am the 3rd person in my family to have a hip replacement done by Dr. Carl Talmo and with good reason... he is the BEST!!! His recommendations on what he thought would be the right approach for the best outcomes were spot on. My surgery was a complete success and my quality of life has improved 100...

    ~ Lorna Hickey ~

  • Dr Talmo, his staff, and the hospital staff were amazing. Everyone was patient and kind, and answered all my questions. I was terrified to do this, but am now amazed at the results, especially compared to other people I have met with replacement hips done at different hospitals. Everyone ...

    ~ Ellen Dick ~

  • Dr. Talmo and his team could not have been more thorough, capable and kind. I had outpatient knee replacement in the morning and walked upstairs to my bedroom that night. At 6 weeks, I'm happy to report there is no need for prescription medication if any medication at all. Bravo--excellent experienc...

    ~ Laura Thomson ~

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