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  • Dr Talmo performed a total hip replacement for me on my hip that had severely deteriorated over years of athletic use. I could not be happier. The extreme, acute and debilitating pain that I experienced, for 2 years prior to surgery, completely vanished post operative. It is now 6 weeks post op a...

    ~ Peter Capalbo ~

  • My dad is technologically inept, but Dr Talmo saved his life. He had a total knee replacement from a different doctor, and developed such a severe (and untreated) staph infection that no other doctor wanted to treat him. They knew he could have died and still didn’t want to try or accept him as a ...

    ~ John Dupuis ~

  • Since my first visit regarding my left knee replacement I have been blown away by the communication from Dr. Talmo and staff.
    Surgery in 10/18. Sent home on 10/19. It is now 10/27 and my crooked leg is not only straight but is virtually pain free and has been for 3 days now. I now have 105 de...

    ~ Lawrence Nordbeck ~

  • In the last eight years I had both Left and Right Knee replacement by Dr Talmo and based on my experience highly recommend Dr Talmo!

    ~ Anthony Parrelli ~

  • My left knee was a disaster area and Dr. Talmo performed TKR and I’m so grateful. He’s a gifted surgeon and a super great and caring person as well!

    ~ Stephanie Booth ~

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