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  • I had both knees replaced at the same time. Up and down stairs unassisted, hands free 4 days later. No pain meds after 4 days, PT is the tough part. Embrace the pain of bending the knee and building the strength back. It took weeks to regain my energy level but 5 years on now with no issues or pain....

    ~ Malcolm Lummis ~

  • I have had both knees replaced about 2 years apart by Dr Talmo. I am very greatful to Dr Talmo and the New England Baptist Hospital for the excellent job they all did and today I have 2 knees with no more pain and I feel great. Dr Talmo is really in his wheelhouse when it comes to what he does. ...

    ~ Charles Chesna ~

  • I was already convinced of Dr Talmo's expertise due to my husbands dual knee replacement very positive experience 6 years ago. His seamless outcome was amazing. I'd like to now express my sincere gratitude and amazment for Dr Talmo's excellence during my left total hip replacement I received ...

    ~ Leanne Lummis ~

  • Dr. Talmo performed total knee 4 months ago. I’m doing great, walking 3 miles a day and biking for > 10 miles. Dr. Talmo is a fantastic surgeon, I feel blessed to be able to return to my former self.

    ~ Cathy Donovan ~

  • Hi. My friend Mary R is 1 wk post TKR and I am in awe of her progress and post op recovery. I’m a retired PT with 35 years homecare experience and I can not recall a patient who was as functional at 1week post op as my friend is. Bravo all around

    ~ mary cooney ~

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