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  • I highly recommend Dr. Talmo for anyone considering a hip replacement. I had the first one replaced in 2019 and the other one replaced just 6 weeks ago. Both replacements went extremely well and Dr Talmo was terrific along with all of the staff at NE Baptist. Both times I went back to work in jus...

    ~ Philip Shearer ~

  • I had a total left hip replacement performed by Dr. Talmo and was totally satisfied with the entire experience. From my first visit to the 6 week post-op follow-up, I was informed and guided through the entire process. Dr. Talmo and his staff were very responsive to my questions and I received a pro...

    ~ Phyllis Mitchell ~

  • If you are looking for a great tactician and surgeon, look no further. My background- yoga teacher for 30 years - athletic senior woman. Dr. Talmo did a total R hip replacement on me 5 weeks ago. I am back in to my life completely!
    After two weeks I was back teaching- used a cane. After...

    ~ maryellen.merfit@gmail.comryellen Fowler ~

  • I am a very analytical person and when it came time to pick an orthopedic surgeon to replace my right hip, I did months of extensive research and phone interviews with people that had the same type of surgery in Boston. At some point with encouragement from the people with whom I spoke, I decided to...

    ~ Lisa Beth Koufman ~

  • . Just left my 6 week follow up from a total knee replacement. Already have 120 degree flexibility and I'm not, but feel like I could run in this leg. Most impressive to me was the fact that my leg which was severely bent (knock kneed) is perfectly straight. I am anxious to have the same done on the...

    ~ Larry Nordbeck ~

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