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On a Roll With Outpatient Joint Replacements

Slover's surgeon, Dr. Carl Talmo, a clinical assistant professor at Tufts University School of Medicine, said he is doing more and more total knee and hip replacement surgeries in an outpatient setting as opposed to the hospital to the benefit of both patients and the health care system.

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Dr. Carl T. Talmo Performs First Augmented Reality-Guided Anterior Hip Replacement at New England Baptist Hospital

Surgical Planning Associates, Inc., (SPA), today announced Carl T. Talmo, MD, has performed the first-ever augmented reality-guided anterior total hip replacement. Dr. Talmo performed the surgery at New England Baptist Hospital (NEBH) in Boston where he serves as Director of Arthroplasty Research.

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New England Baptist Hospital is the first hospital to utilize the leading-edge technology for a hip replacement

A team of orthopedic surgeons at New England Baptist Hospital (NEBH) performed the first-ever augmented reality (AR)-guided total hip replacement at a hospital today. NEBH’s Stephen B. Murphy, MD, who invented the system, performed the hip replacement with NEBH colleagues, Daniel M. Ward, MD, and Carl T. Talmo, MD. The system, which received FDA clearance in January, is the first intraoperative AR guidance platform for joint replacement to display 3D models of the patient’s anatomy, implants, and instruments inside the body in real time.

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