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    If you are looking for a great tactician and surgeon, look no further. My background- yoga teacher for 30 years - athletic senior woman. Dr. Talmo did a total R hip replacement on me 5 weeks ago. I am back in to my life completely!
    After two weeks I was back teaching- used a cane. After three weeks teaching no cane. After four weeks I could do complete splits again on both right and left leg. MY PHYSICAL therapist said it was the best outcome he had seen in any THR [patient in his practice in RI.
    He asked me what I wanted from my surgery. I told him I wanted to regain full range of motion on my right leg. He delivered.
    Dr. Talmo is very demanding of the staff at NEB hospital. From the X-ray techs to the nurses, all said “ DR.Talmo patient. WE better get this right!”

    I am from Providence RI. I had to pay for a SS up grade to use the Boston docs. I AM SO GLAD!!!
    PS He is not known for his bedside manor. I liked that about him as well.

    ~ Fowler~

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