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  • Total knee replacement November 1st. Doing great today makes 4 weeks out. Flexion 120° extension -5 degrees. Pt says this great. I can ride an exercise bike for 10 mins. I was not able to ride at all before surgery. It's not an easy surgery and yes there is a lot of pain and swelling. Listen to the...

    ~ Tammy N. – December 2018 ~

  • Dr Talmo saved my RT leg from being amputated! I had a MRSA infection that spread to my artificial knee, which already had 2 revisions. My local Doctors were going to amputate but Dr. Talmo agreed to take me and to make a long story short he did another revision with a medicated cement spacer and sa...

    ~ Michael W. in Clarksburg, MA – Mar 27, 2016 ~

  • Dr Talmo and his staff were awesome from pre op to surgery to post op he and his team are the best had hip replacement 3 weeks already walking without crutches I never felt more confident with a doctor in my life, great guy and the best at what he does!!

    ~ Ray M. in Rowley mass – Dec 08, 2017 ~

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