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    Dr Talmo is a master of his craft. He replaced both my hips, left one February 2020 and the right one December 2020. I am 46 and have been a personal trainer and strength coach for 25 years. I was born with faulty hips and lived in pain for many years. The only regret was that I waited to long to have this procedure done. I endured years of suffering because I thought I was too young to have my hips replaced. Now I am 100% pain free and my hips feel better then they ever have. My new hips feel better and stronger then my original hips did in my twenties. TRUELY UNBELIEVABLE AND LIFESAVING. Doctor Talmo I am forever grateful and forever in your debt. Thank you for letting me continue my passion of training people and doing what I love. YOU ARE THE BEST !

    Greg Noorjanian

    ~ Noorjanian~

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