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  • Dr. Talmo performed a full knee replacement on my left knee and it went great - he has a reputation of being one of the best in Boston and his reputation is well deserved!

    I'm a big guy and since the surgery have had no issues with my repaired knee, and will have my other one replaced...

    ~ Brian Murphy ~

  • First is like to say that I have seen a lot of physicians during my 70 years of living. But none can compare to Dr. Carl Talmo. He performed a full knee replacement on me 6 weeks ago and I have never felt better!! He explains everything to you prior to the surgery and has an excellent bedside man...

    ~ Peter Bakas Jr ~

  • He's a rock star! Could not be happier with Dr. Talmo. He replaced my left hip in an outpatient procedure at a Salem, NH surgical center -- spinal and sedative, no general anesthesia. Initial consultation was informative and Dr. Talmo is a good listener, laying out the options and what to expect. Hi...

    ~ Self-verified patient of Dr. Carl T Talmo - June 11th, 2019 ~

  • Dr Talmo replaced one hip in 2016, the other in 2019. He is incredible! No range of motion restrictions, uses the most cutting-edge implants and modern techniques. His manner is kind and direct. He said "it is all brand new, do whatever you want for the next 50 years" In 2 months I forgot it ever ha...

    ~ Robert M. in Amherst, MA – Feb 27, 2019 ~

  • Total knee replacement November 1st. Doing great today makes 4 weeks out. Flexion 120° extension -5 degrees. Pt says this great. I can ride an exercise bike for 10 mins. I was not able to ride at all before surgery. It's not an easy surgery and yes there is a lot of pain and swelling. Listen to the...

    ~ Tammy N. – December 2018 ~

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