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    My dad is technologically inept, but Dr Talmo saved his life. He had a total knee replacement from a different doctor, and developed such a severe (and untreated) staph infection that no other doctor wanted to treat him. They knew he could have died and still didn’t want to try or accept him as a patient. Dr. Talmo took him immediately and said he could help. This is almost 15 years ago at this point and my dad is doing great. He got his other knee replaced by Dr Talmo a couple years after, and he expresses how easy that surgery was compared to the first. He goes on long walks and almost never complains about knee pain. If he does, it’s only about the knee that was botched by the earlier surgeon before Dr. Talmo. Dr Talmo literally saved my dad’s life, so I actively looked up this website to see if I could give a public declaration of how great he is. I hope he still takes the cases that “no one wants” because my dad wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him.

    ~ Dupuis~

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