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    I am a very analytical person and when it came time to pick an orthopedic surgeon to replace my right hip, I did months of extensive research and phone interviews with people that had the same type of surgery in Boston. At some point with encouragement from the people with whom I spoke, I decided to narrow my investigation to doctors at The New England Baptist because the hospital specializes in orthopedics and is well known for its excellent surgeons and care. I was on the hunt not only for a great surgeon but one that I felt was compassionate and a very good communicator. I interviewed more than one surgeon. From my first visit with Dr. Carl Talmo, I could tell he was a cut above as he was friendly and informative and explained everything thoroughly. I was able to have all my questions answered and my concerns addressed as well as getting all the information I needed to help me through the surgery. His staff was nice and accommodating. I was told by Dr. Talmo that the surgery went smoothly and very well and the care I got at The Baptist could not have been better as his entire surgical team was outstanding from the prep to the finish. His post operative team and their care was also fantastic. I felt all my homework paid off in spades and I highly recommend The Baptist and Dr. Carl Talmo in particular and without reservation. I was lucky to have the operation followed by superb rehab and when I got home, I was able to do everything by myself and I felt confident that I had the best possible care and outcome.

    ~ Koufman~

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