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    Hi I'm Archie who had a hip and just had a full knee replacement by the Master Dr. Carl T. Talmo. If your over weight you can see him and be treaded with respect like I was. 3 years I lived in pain not knowing what it was. Same day when he did my hip, he had me walking with NO PAINE. So when I found that my 2 knee where bone on bone who did I go to Dr. Carl Talmo. When I first went into his office I saw very smart man who took control of the room, show me what was wrong, what he was going to do and how he was going to do it. When I left with my brother i told him that he is my Doctor. My knee is only 8 weeks that i had it done, walking NO PAIN. I see my other Doctor, PT they look at my knee ex-rays and say what a great job he did. Now If there saying that, he's the Master. I call him the Master because when you see the ex-ray with the bad knee and the one he did, it' like art form the cuts and the right spaces so so Beautiful.
    Just today I had a shot in my other bad knee because the one he did is so good that bad one hurts a lot when I do my workouts. He's doing my other knee when he tell me it's time. I'm so glad I frond him he is helping me live my like again. So much more I could say about Dr. Talmo. If ever need a hip or knee done used him because he is the Master.

    ~ Cameron~

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