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    I've worked as a non-medical person in three Level One Trauma Ctrs in the US; I 've also had various surgeries. NE Baptist Hospital and Dr. Carl Talmo's office staff are the best organized, most professional, and most efficient medical staff I have experienced. The 3 calls I had to make to the office after surgery were answered within 5 minutes by someone who had my records in front of them and instantly found a solution/answer to my problem. The 5 hrs I spent @ NEB for pre-op were great: each specialist (cardiac, OT, PT, anesthesia, etc) spent 1/2 hr with me & answered all questions, gave excellent explanations. They were all known to me and I was an individual known to them before surgery day. When the cardiologist appeared on Day 2 post-surgery I was not frightened because we already knew each other and I had confidence that he knew my history. It made a HUGE positive impact being known by staff, and, my knowing staff personally. I only saw Dr. Talmo twice (once before surgery, once after), but every person I talked with knew all the details of my case and reassured me, "I work with Dr. Talmo ...". Now, is the surgery painless? NO! Is the recovery easy? NO! But the PT at NEB Dedham was great! Dr. Talmo's office got me into PT at NEB-Dedham because the one I had scheduled elsewhere turned out not to require masks (during covid!?) and NEB- Dedham has a mask requirement for all. THANK YOU. The recovery is not for the faint-hearted or weak-willed (and I am both, so I was challenged!), but know you are in the world's best hospital and with the best surgeon available for total knee reconstruction. You cannot do better. Good luck! And do those exercises!!

    ~ von Maltzahn~

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