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Carl T. Talmo, MD

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John D.

I threw the shot for 30 years a little longer than most people,I burned my knees. By 2006, my doctor said they were bone-on bone, and I needed knee replacement surgery. I was lucky I had Dr. Talmo on my case. I'm riding my bike, and I'm back to lifting weights,heavy ones for the upper body but lighter ones for the lower body.

Jeffrey S.

From the time I was in my twenties, I suffered from pain in my hip, I knew it was probably degenerative from the sports I played in high school and college, but I didn't know how bad it would get. Because I am relatively young and had been very active, I was eager to discuss options that would allow me the best chance of getting my life back. I'm amazed, every day, by how great I feel. It can't get any better than this!

Margaret Codner

I absolutely love my new knee! Dr. Talmo performed the surgery on July 1. I am 2 1/2 months post surgery and I can easily walk up and down stairs and I am hiking again after a 2 year hiatus. Cannot wait to do the other knee so I can get my life back.

Katherine Cremin

When I was sixteen yers old I got hit and run by a car. I had multiple fractures and spent three months in traction at the MGH. In 1991, I had my first total hip replacement. Over the years osteoarthritis set in and I was in constant pain. I decided to do aome research and find a good doctor to fix my problems. I met Dr. Talmo in December 2007. He told me my hip replacement was worn out. He scheduled a total hip revision for January 2008. By April 2008, I was up and walking but having trouble with my left knee. In August 2008, Dr. Talmo performed a total knee replacement. When Dr. Talmo looked at the x-ray of my hip in March 2008, he smiled and said "excellent". When he looked at the x-ray of my knee in October of 2008. He smiled again and said, "perfect". For almost a year now I have had the luxury of riding my bike, playing some basketball, dancing, running and walking, with ease and no pain. I am forever grateful to this wonderful doctor who clearly finds great joy in improving the quality of life for people like me. Thank you so much. With utmost gratitude, Katherine Cremin

Joanne G.

Dr. Talmo fixed my right hip with a hip replacement and it feels normal again. I never even completely realized how much my hip arthritis affected me until now. The surgery and recovery were a breeze. I am looking forward to having my other hip taken care of soon.

Jack K.

I had zero pain after my knee replacement surgery by Dr. Talmo. The difference was incredible compared to my preoperative pain and my other knee replacement surgery.

joyce skudris

By the time I got to Dr Talmo I was in such pain that I was ready to give up on life. He not only repaired both hips, but his intuitive surgical decisions aligned my body back to it's original structure and all other arthritic elements (lower back, etc.) healed as well. I bless the day I called his office. He gave me back my life.

Patricia Legendre

I had complete hip replacement on Feb 4, 2011 and by March 4 2011 I was walking on my own. I had been in pain for over 5 years, couldn't walk far, go up and down stairs, enjoy my granchildren. Dr Talmo has given me back the life I knew and enjoyed. Can't wait to have the second hip done June 8.

Alison Goulder

I've been active since my youth. Having a torn cartiledge when I was in my 20's back in the '70's required surgery to remove, rather than repair it. I was told then to keep my quads strong and I would be fine for the rest of my life. Well, almost. Years of working with kids, running, biking, swimming,tennis, dancing, and yoga caused serious deterioration and osteoarthritis in my left knee. I was terrified to have surgery again, recalling 3 mos. of hobbling around on crutches. Finally, the pain became overwhelming.
Dr. Talmo was the only orthopedic surgeon I consulted who took the time to really explain knee replacement surgery to me and why I would be a good candidate for it (he even showed me the prosthetic material). I was reluctant to have surgery again, but his ability to describe the procedure in a lay person's terms, helped allay my fears.
I am only six weeks post-op now, and I am overjoyed with the results. I am almost completely pain-free and able to engage in activities I thought were no longer possible. Dr. Talmo must be the most skilled knee-replacement surgeon in the Boston area. It is totally thrilling to be able to walk without a limp.I can't thank him enough for enabling me to get back to the things I love to do without continuous chronic pain.

Carl H.MacDermott III

Please do yourself a favor, if you are considering joint replacement surgery, check and consult with Dr. Carl T. Talmo, his office staff and the New England Baptist Team. The professionalism, attention and care you will receive is without question. Oh ya, they also have a good sense of humor.
I'm a 53 years old,a police officer and have always been active in karate, running, lifting weights, biking, snowboarding, high energy class and also on a tactical team. I had been experiencing pain in my hips and knees for a number of years which was getting progressively worse and was affecting my quality of life immensely. I had excruciating pain and had to exert a great amount of effort just tying my shoes.
I consulted with Dr. Talmo who told me I had arthritis in both my hips causing a secondary pain site in my knees. I had both hips replaced and I'm now without pain, enjoying life.
To Dr. Talmo and everyone who dealt with me at New England Baptist Hospital during both hip surgeries: When you're reflecting upon your day and what you do for people, I want you all to know you do an excellent job, please keep up your high level of professionalism and dedication to your patients. Thank You.


I had my knee replaced on Jan 18 2012 after pain for 2 years,thinking I would never walk straight again.Today is March 20 and I can say it never felt better. I am so thankful to have found Dr. Talmo,I tell people I was lucky enough to find someone who is smart enough to make me all better. Going back to work in 2 weeks,thank you so much Doctor Talmo.

Nancy Woods

April 18, 2012

Date of Total Knee Replacement: November 15, 2011

Dear Dr. Talmo,

Iím the patient with the tiny wires in my knee, one of which you were able to extract. To quote you, my poor knee ďwas a mess.Ē

I wanted to let you know that I am completely happy with my new right knee. Hereís some evidence:

Mid March 2012, we were hiking in Patagonia, in the Fitz Roy mountain area.

In April 2012, I started ice dancing again; and started taking a (very) aerobic Latin dance class at my health club.

Iím also working with a swim coach there to improve my crawl stroke and am almost up to a ½ mile. Iíve been walking a lot from the beginning and biking since January.

Thank you!

Nancy Woods

David Kern

To whom it may concern,

Iím scheduled for a total hip replacement on February 22, 2012 and my surgeon is Dr. Carl Talmo.

I was originally scheduled to have the surgery done at Cape Cod Hospital. Although I feel that my original Cape Cod surgeon could have done a good job, they couldnít schedule me until May 1, 2012. Because I was in so much pain, I took the advice of a colleague to seek another alternative in Boston.

I went on the Internet, found NEBH, called your NEBH service that introduced a new patient like me to potential Doctors. That service provided two alternatives; one in Braintree MA and the other was Dr. Carl Talmo.

I was originally planning on the easier ride to Braintree Ö until I talked with Shannon Murphy.

Shannon was most helpful and very convincing. She made me feel that Dr. Talmo and his staff would provide superior service.
She emphasized that my initial meeting would be with the Doctor. She did her best to schedule my initial meeting as soon as possible working around my schedule. She put me on a cancellation list to even move my original date forward.

Shannon not only provided a tremendous first impression of your facility but made me confident that I would be provided with the utmost of professional care.

Please pass on my thanks to Shannon and Mary Hickey. They both were very helpful and did as much as possible.

Iím hopeful and certain that Iíll be able to share a ďbravoĒ to Dr. Talmo after a successful surgery tomorrow.

Thank you,


Marybeth Hay

I met Dr. Talmo and his AMAZING office staff in June of 2011. I was highly impressed with the quality of professionalism and care I received from the beginning.
I consulted with Dr. Talmo about debilitating knee pain that I'd been experiencing for several years. After a brief exam and thoughtful questions, Dr. Talmo suggested I have an x-ray of my hip. We discovered that I had severe osteoarthritis in my hip as well as my knee.
Dr. Talmo explained that with the poor condition of my hip, I'd never properly rehabilitate my knee after replacement.
Together, we made the decision to have a total hip replacment first, and then move on to my total knee replacement.
I've now had both surgeries - in 5 months - and I feel AMAZING! I am walking, climbing stairs, bending and moving pain free! I suffered in pain for 14 years - and in less than 6 months I feel brand new!
I sought the opinions of several other orthopedists who hesitated to replace my arthritic, painful joints due to my age (42). But with Dr. Talmo, age didn't matter - he wanted me to get back the quality of life I deserve. And, thankfully I have.
I'm a new woman thanks to the care, concern and talents of Dr. Talmo.
I'm now his BIGGEST cheerleader - I think anyone considering joint replacement should meet with Dr. T.!
Many Thanks to Dr. Talmo, Shannon and Mary!

Meredith Atkinson

Hiking above tree line in Rocky Mountain National Park four months after surgery! Thank you all! Meredith

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