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Carl T. Talmo, MD

About Us: Conditions & Treatments

Dr. Talmo is an expert in the treatment of degenerative, developmental and traumatic conditions of the hip and knee. Some of the conditions affecting these joints that he commonly treats include: osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, vascular necrosis, fractures around the hip and knee and post-traumatic hip/knee problems, hip dysplasia and other developmental conditions, hip impingement and labral tears.

The treatments that Dr. Talmo most commonly performs for these disorders include hip replacements and hip resurfacing, knee replacements and partial knee replacements, hip and knee arthroscopy, and revision hip and knee replacements. He was one of the first surgeons in the Boston area to carefully adopt and perform hip resurfacing, integrating the procedure into his everyday practice for appropriate patients.

Dr. Talmo has significant experience in treating patients with very complicated hip and knee problems. Many of his patients have had previous surgeries such as a prior hip or knee replacement, fixation of a fracture or repair of a ligament problem. They may possess a very severe deformity around their hip or knee or even have suffered from an infection in their joint in the past.

Frequently, patients are referred to Dr. Talmo by a medical doctor or another orthopedic surgeon to “fix” a problem with a hip or knee replacement that is worn or loosened and is no longer working properly. Hip and knee replacements are very successful procedures that rarely fail or develop problems. However, if and when these problems do occur patients are usually referred to a surgeon who has special “fellowship” training in hip and knee replacements, such as Dr. Talmo. These repeat procedures are appropriately termed “revisions.” Some of these “revision” situations provide certain challenges that require special planning, patience and surgical techniques. Dr. Talmo has special training in these areas and takes great pride in his patient and meticulous performance of these more demanding procedures and assuming the additional responsibility that is required in these situations. Dr. Talmo is eager and enthusiastic to cure these situations with very safe and structurally sound solutions aimed at providing his patients with pain free high functioning joints that will last as long as possible.

While hip and knee replacements are common procedures and many physicians are qualified to perform them, many patients who are considering a hip or knee replacement are reassured in choosing a doctor who has this type of training and expertise and is skilled in managing any and all problems that could possibly develop around a joint replacement.